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James Campbell is your local Dimplex Approved contact for the design and installation of Ground and Air Source Heat Pump systems, providing tailored solutions to your heating requirements.

James has been installing plumbing and heating systems throughout Argyll and the Islands for more that 10 years, however when he first saw a demonstration model of the geothermal system he made the decision to change the focus of his business towards renewable energy sources.

Over the last year he has made a major investment in drilling and other equipment, also training and development to enable his business to provide fully integrated geothermal heating systems throughout the area. He has already secured contracts to carry out installations on the Argyll islands.


Oban Geothermal Drilling Argyll

The earths core stores an immense amount of energy which can be easily used by geothermal drilling. You do not need to drill very far before the heat rises.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Drilling Argyll, Scotland


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